Focused.   Rigorous.  Innovative.

The STA Academic program is driven by the needs of our students.  As 21st Century Learners, our students begin developing the skills to succeed from a very early age.  Our PreK-8 school is designed to be a continual program that focuses on individual needs, challenges our students, and inspires them to be innovative problem solvers.

Early Childhood

From Pre-K (3 & 4) through 3rd Grade, students focus on building a strong foundation for literacy and math.  Our Pre-K program is a full day program that offers quality playtime along with teacher-guided, and center-based learning activities.

In grades K-3, our students focus on building literacy and math skills as well as beginning to explore our world through science, social studies and technology.  In addition, each student has Art, Music and Physical Education.  STA provides focused interventions and enrichments through a variety of support programs including reading services, ELL services and small groups.

4th grade and Beyond

As our students, grow beyond foundational  skills, our teachers work with our students to build higher level thinking skills such as inquiry, collaboration and creativity.  These skills are important for success in high school, college and their future.